A Builder and Dreamer

The simplest explanation: I like to explore ideas... what's yours?

About Me

''A man is known by the company he keeps; our character is reflected in our choice of friends.'' - Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

My name is Borzou Motlagh, but most people call me Bo. In my career, I am an experienced technologist, leader and developer in the IT industry with expertise in software architecture, development, quality management, micro-service implementation, event-driven architectures, commercial product development, enterprise agile implementation, and the directing and management of large organizations. In short, I build software products at scale. In my life, I am an explorer of ideas, science, art and philosophy. I exercise to stay sharp and drink way too much coffee (though I think the science is in my favor in terms of my consumption). I find that the more of life you experience, the easier it is to find the patterns that helps us innovate. So I play music, I paint, I read everything from Karl Marx to Frank Herbert to Hawking and back, and I try to always keep an open mind.


How to Partner

This site is more about me and my interests, but if you're looking for help we should definitely chat. I have a few avenues to partner through for my services. Check them out and feel free to reach out directly. FYI, I primarily like to take on projects with my United Effects team.

General Consulting

I'm happy to discuss your goals and offer any advice my experience can provide.

Identity Management

If you're looking for an easy way to manage users and multi-tenant domains, checkout my IDM system: ueauth.io

Software Design & Development

I make my living building enterprise software for large companies. I'm happy to discuss your web project and see how I can help.

Business Strategy

My team and I offer services around branding, start-ups, scaling your technology, cutting edge implementation, and monetization.

Innovation Through Collaboration

I love thinking through interesting problems both technical and non-technical. If you think I can contribute, reach out and lets chat!