Done With WordPress

Hello and Welcome

Once upon a time, I did quite a lot of work with wordpress websites. I had many of my own and I created them for others. Then I found the wonders of Node.js, microservice design, docker, kubernetes and so on and I didn’t look back. Unfortunately the one site that I probably should have converted was my main theBoEffect site. Well today I finally have! I can now say that I no longer support any WordPress implementations. Not that there’s anything wrong with WordPress.

I do own a business called theBoEffect LLC and if you work with me individually as a consultant, you will likely be working with that entity. That said, the majority of my professional consulting, develompent and strategy work is done through my United Effects partnership. To that end, this site is more about my interest, thoughts and other musings. You can find my LinkedIn profile in the menu if you’re interested in my history along with my blog if you’re looking for technical articles only (though I’ll likely link them here too).

As this is a transition for me in terms of my personal brand and content, it will be interesting to see where it all goes!

More to come.

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Innovation Through Collaboration

I love thinking through interesting problems both technical and non-technical. If you think I can contribute, reach out and lets chat!